Restaurantes en Playas de Tijuana

  • 1. Mamamia Pizza Suc. Playas Restaurante

    - Delicious. Great friendly staff

    - love the pizza spaghetti and wings

    - It's good pizza

    Paseo Ensenada 1878, Las Flores 2da Sección, Tijuana
  • 2. Restaurante El Corral Restaurante

    - Delicious lamb cooked to perfection! Their sopes, quesadillas and rolled tacos are amazing as well.

    - I have been eating here for many years, it is only open on Saturday and Sunday. It is always good. The best time to go is in the morning, everything is fresh and delicious.

    - The best Mexican food in town

    Paseo Ensenada 1501, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 3. El Lugarzito Sushi y Teriyaki Restaurante

    - Delicious and tasty and ale

    - The best Teriyaki sauce I've tasted. And the spicy sauce uffff

    - Very tasty food! Fresh ingredients and good quality! Congratulations to the chef

    Parque México Sur 1145, Sección Jardines, Tijuana
  • 4. Taquería "El Frances" Restaurante

    - Omg the tacos in Tijuana are just so much better than anywhere I've ever had tacos ,but this place between the homemade tortillas and spices in their meat is top tier. I also just love the area and service. My Spanish is not very well but they are very nice when you try to speak Spanish even if you don't speak well which was nice. Definitely coming back to this area and this tacqueria on my next trip to Tijuana

    - Very good!! The nice thing about this place is that they have vegetarian options for almost all of the things on the menu, including veggie tacos and tostadas.

    - THE BEST “street tacos” I have had anywhere. Al pastor tacos are out of this world good. They have been consistently good for decades. If you are anywhere near this place you MUST stop by.

    Paseo Playas de Tijuana 1442, Costa de Oro, Tijuana
  • 5. La Cuisine D'Eunice Restaurante

    Playa Pacífico, Laderas del Mar, Tijuana
  • 6. SR. CARA DE PAPA Restaurante

    - Customer service is really important. The food was great. But today will be the first and last time I will visit this place. The guy who took my order seemed very bothered. Like it was a problem i'd entered the establishment. It was a struggle to get him to look up from the Laptop he was working on to ask a question..... =( Its Really too bad.

    - Treble service. Not good food at all. The guys wouldn't even walk 3 feet to deliver are food and then we had clean the table for him because he was busy. But we was the only one's there. Will not be going back. Way over priced .

    - Delicious

    Paseo Playas de Tijuana 1287, Tijuana
  • 7. Lung Mon Playas Restaurante

    - Good food and service fair price, right across from teathers


    - Its very good actually could be my favorite one if the portions could be a little more bigger.

    Calle del Risco 655, Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 8. El Gran Remedio Clamatos Suc Playas Restaurante

    - Customer service is awful. I’ll never order or recommend them to anyone.

    - Never been there, and never has any people.

    - Worst mango margarita ever

    Av, Paseo Ensenada sección dorada, Paseo Ensenada, Playas, Tijuana
  • 9. La Verbena Foodcourt Restaurante

    - Great little spot with a good variety of food including Gerson and vegan. Don't worry there's plenty of meat for those who want it. Burgers? Bowls with Mexican and other influence.

    - I ordered the menu of the day at the vegan stand. It was a five course meal, all organic and gluten free for 10 usd. It was such a pleasant and delicious experience :D

    - The best dining experience with three kids on a one month rodtrip from Canada to Mexico. We're from Europe.

    Paseo Ensenada 1949, Jardines del Sol, Tijuana
  • 10. El Jardín Food Park Restaurante

    - Today I discovered this nice little spot with my family. I have been living around the area and never knew about this place and I wish I could of known about it sooner. This is a family friendly place with a variety of little restaurants. My family and I decided to choose from different eateries within the outdoor food court. We were very much impressed and satisfied with the food and service. Everyone was friendly. I highly recommend the seafood spot and the Pork Avenue place. Thank you for providing a great experience for my family and I.

    - The food is delicious. We tried the ribs. The Butterbeer with and without alcohol is better than at universal studios. And the service is just excellent. Very friendly staff and clean establishments.

    - is a good place to hangout in haloween, is a tradition for my son and i all food is good, i recomend

    Paseo Ensenada 1443, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 11. La Mazatleca Restaurante

    - Delicious Sinaloan snacks, the best in Tijuana 💖

    - Good stay

    Paseo Ensenada #1821, Local #6, Sección Jardines, Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 12. Malvet Restaurante

    - This place has a lot of positive reviews which is why I ate here. The atmosphere is great, and seems like an upscale restaurant. I was amazed by the quality of the food. Incredibly tasty! The service was also on point. If you're in Playas Tijuana I recommend coming here to have a very good breakfast.

    - Extremely small portions, paid for chicken and didn’t add to any of my orders. Got home and looked at my order and had to drive back and got like 5 pieces of small cubes of chicken added... not worth the price. Chilaquiles are way better at el yogurt... they have huge portions, tasty and chicken is plentiful.

    - As always!! A great place. Great food and excellent service.

    Paseo Playas de Tijuana 1343, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 13. Brasas el charlie Restaurante

    Parque Azteca Nte & De La Grieta, Playas, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 14. Tacos Casa Sonora Restaurante

    - This place is wonderful. They have great vegetarian options and the staff is really nice. They came outside to take my order and everyone was wearing a mask. The food was delicious! I recommend the potatoes.

    - Awesome food. Barbeque rib tacos with a mexican twist. They also have vegetarian options. Don't forget to try the taco made with cheese instead of tortilla

    - Baked potatoes with carne asada are the best!

    Parque Azteca Norte 294-1, Rivera, Tijuana
  • 15. B HAUS COFFEE SHOP Restaurante

    - Service is too slow, and employees were disrespectful when I just asked how much longer our order would take.. Ordered 2 matchas, waited 45 minutes. The place is beautiful though. And the matcha is good here, waited cuz it's the best i can get in the area.

    - My one experience here was very nice. Warm atmosphere and cozy rooms upstairs. I don't drink coffee much but their Chai was good. The smoothie could have been better blended though and that lost them a star. If you can't make a drink well then don't make it. This is a place I will go back to though and if you're in the area I would definitely give it a shot. One of the nicer coffee shops I've been to around here, the atmosphere really helps it stand out.

    - Great coffee shop. Very nice ambiance and delicious coffee. Had the Italian cappuccino and was excellent

    Avenida del Agua 510, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 16. Pho Playas Restaurante

    - Thought I'd try my home dish in Tijuana while I'm here. I tried the pho and it was surprisingly better than expected. Lots of body in the broth and the flavour is there, but it lacks does lack quite a bit of the main spices such as star anise, cardamom and cinnamon. For this dish to be made on this side of the world I must say not a bad job.

    - Consider this a Takeout Place only, the joint is small, poorly ventilated and not pretty...BUT the reward is the best pho in town, Seriously, and super cheap. Remember, takeout only. You won't be disappointed.

    - This doesn't even taste like PHO. haha Its a PHOwater soup with LEMON,

    De Las Nubes 1065, Jardines del Sol, Tijuana
  • 17. CENADURIA De La Torre Restaurante

    - Always great traditional mexican diner

    - Bomb! The meat is well seasoned and very tender! The prices are crazy low, i definitely recommend!

    - Great place to have a quick dish without breaking you bank. Food is really good, customer service is over all ok. They do good

    Paseo Ensenada 1237, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 18. Laihoo's Bisquets Playas Restaurante

    - My wife and I visited this restaurant while visiting Playas de Tijuana and were not disappointed. We ordered chicken and some drinks and were surprised on the quality and best of all the price of our meal. Service was excellent too. We will definitely be back when in the area

    - I love this restaurant my sister lives in playas and when i got visit we always go there the food is so so good and the mexican corn bread is delucious

    - Love, good food and prices.. excellent customer service

    Calle Pedregal 2031, Dorada, Tijuana
  • 19. Beverly Burgers Restaurante

    - Really good taste and friendly employees

    - It can be Great but inconsistent. So it's a hit and miss

    - Good small spot to grab a quick burger. I had the mimick of the "Western bacon cheeseburger", was very good. Not greasy, meat was charbroiled perfectly, onion rings fried golden brown, and buns toasted enough to hold it all together. For some reason, curvy fries taste better to me. So, the overall package was great.

    Paseo Ensenada 2168, Dorada, Tijuana
  • 20. La Casa de Don Juan Restaurante

    - Very good food with good attentive service. Electricity went out while we were there but the staff handled everything we ate our food with romantic candles.

    - La Casa de Don Juan is a great place to have breakfast, plenty of options from Eggs Benedict to chilaquiles, to chile rellenos. All the food is prepared to high quality standards and at prices that are very affordable, my delicious eggs Benedict was cooked to perfection and was a reasonable $8.50dls ish Depending on the value of the pesos. I highly recommend La Casa de Don Juan, high class restaurant food at hometown prices.

    - I ordered el caporal, it had a hair! I understand something it happens; the problem was the action after, they said that it was a celery hair. Then asked for another dish Mollette they gave me an appetizer size and changed me for the full meal price. I will never come back here. Hope this helps others..

    Parque Azteca Norte 1591, Seccion Jardines, Tijuana

Playas de Tijuana, conocido como Playami, además de contar con opciones de comida se cuenta con la playa, la cual siempre es buena para una caminata, especialmente durante el atardecer. Si buscas de un ambiente relajado y precios razonables, Playas es la opción.

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