Cafés en Playas de Tijuana

  • 1. Cafe Latitud 32 Café

    - Exelent everything!💜🍰

    - Great location n view

    - Such a wonderful view, and yummy treats! A must visit!!

    Malecón 50, Tijuana
  • 2. Sunset Lounge Playas Café

    - Beautiful location with a gorgeous ocean view and delicious food and cocktails. All at a reasonable price. Love this place and would recommend it to anyone who likes good food. The pollo cordon bleu is my go to.

    - Always a great place for lunch or dinner, And the service is always the best

    - Food and service was great. Will be back for more.

    Avenida Del Pacifico 769, Costa, Tijuana
  • 3. Kurtoz - Rolling Bakery and Coffee Café

    - Stumbled upon this place while walking my dog. It seemed like our order was taking a long time, but that could’ve been due to how hot it was outside. Asked the employee there for a cup of water for my dog, as she was panting and hiding from the sun in the shade under a car. We didn’t get a cup, we got a bowl of water. Very considerate of them. My dog was very pleased. As for what i ordered, worth the wait. It was so delicious and satisfying. Will be going soon, and more frequently. Everything on the menu looks/sounds delicious.

    - Excellent place at playas tijuana Excellent food and service!!

    - My boyfriend and I were looking for some ice cream in Playas and found this place. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Kurtoz makes their own cones in the store when you order. The Oreo cone was delicious 😋 salty, sweet and warm. We will definitely go back.

    Paseo Playas de Tijuana #1420 Secc, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 4. Perimetro Coffee Shop Café

    - Delicious coffee, chill atmosphere, and friendly service. Loved this coffee shop, they were able to accommodate all our random request for milk substitutes, and still serve us with a smile. My vanilla latte was amazing, and my friends vanilla cold brew was better than any cold brew I’ve ever had. We will definitely be by again. Stop and check em out if you are ever in the area.

    - The coffee was delicious. fast service with great customer service. the barista was friendly and the lavender donuts are amazing!!! Will definitely be back.

    - The coffee is really good. They use a local roaster - super tasty. Also have neat art events. Will definitely be back many times.

    De La Grieta 1810-2, Dorada
  • 5. Malvia Playas Café

    - Poor tasting coffee, even worse owners. Stay away from these guys. They don’t pay their workers and use really low quality ingredients, similar to instant coffee from the xoxo down the street but twice the price.

    - Your concept and place are good but you two are a lot of drama; the story telling about the thief who sold on eBay the stolen branded wallet of one of you, the accusations of your neighbor store owners in downtown TJ, the threats among your peers and now the intentional fire on your coffee shop that you both labeled as a direct homophobic attack....All that make me want to keep as far away as I can from any of your business ventures. No hard feelings, is just a lot of public and personal drama and negative unwanted attention involving you two and your ventures so the vibes can’t be good! Hope you can clean up all that social media mess and shield for that in the future focusing solely on your businesses and on your customer service experience without any additional drama!

    - Worst coffee I have ever tasted in my life and the price is not to mention, little more than double an oxxo coffee and these taste better. Those who attend do not say, despotic, disrespectful, it seems that you are doing them a favor

    Avenida del Agua 1384, Dorada, Tijuana
  • 6. Luwak Organic Coffee Roasters Café

    - The coffee is REALLY good. Look no longer! Best coffee I’ve had for the past few months

    - Loved it! Good place and good coffee!

    - Reasonable prices, friendly staff, great coffee and delicious food!!

    Ave, Paseo Playas de Tijuana 1301 B, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 7. Raspados Libby Café

    Paseo Playas de Tijuana 2100, Jardines del Sol, Tijuana
  • 8. AUM COFFEE Café

    - Excellent and aromatic coffee, a nice spot in Playas de Tijuana to relax from the stress of the day, nice music, delicious snacks, and top of the line coffee; as a tenured coffee drinker I highly recommend this spot.

    - Good coffees and very friendly service people. Good atmosphere, I forgot, good pastries and breads

    - Very friendly, excellent service and sooooooooo delicious coffee !!

    Avenida del Agua 1034, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 9. Lúmina Foto-Café Café

    - One of the best coffee ☕ shops in Tijuana. The place has everything. It even has a giant TV, a bookcase with books 📚 you take and read, four seating areas and much more .

    - They didn't have what I wanted, and what I did order was bad. Good service though.

    - Excellent place to have a cup of coffee, great music and board games. The staff always remembers your name and the food is good and healthy.

    Paseo Ensenada 2272, Dorada, Tijuana
  • 10. Néktar Coffee Café

    - Great service and greek salad. One of the best greek salads I've ever had. Who would expect it to be in Tijuana! 🤷‍♂️ Also free wifi with great speed👌 P.S.- This place is themed off of the tv show F•R•I•E•N•D•S

    - So far so good. Just started. The ordering process was simple. If you’re Covid friendly, this place takes it to another level (not bad just intense). Super professional & extremely thorough. Sitting waiting for the delicious vegan chicken and waffles we ordered. I also got a café americano en las rocas & my other half ordered kombucha but got something else we are not sure of. Overall service was good, food was quite tasty, & the price point was good too. Not sure if I’d be back right away, however I’m definitely glad we came in a& tried it out. Always love to support local business.

    - I like this place because it’s cozy, love the art on the walls. At the back there’s a room decorated Harry Potter theme. I tried the waffle s’more, it’s good.

    Calle Pedregal 1370, Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 11. Qubiko cafe Café

    - Super chill and awesome place to relax. Pet friendly!! That's amazing. I've had the Golden Milk drink (delicious), a lavender lemonade (great combo), and the Special sandwich which was perfect. Definitely coming back and chill at the roof top with my doggy.

    - The service a little slow but amazing place, view and food.

    - Cool place

    Avenida del Farallón 1595, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 12. Curandera Café

    - My favorite coffee shop in Mexico. I have ridden my motorcycle from Cancun to Tijuana. And have not found one similar to this. My partner and I found this shop together. I make this my first stop whenever I come to Tijuana.

    - Great espresso. Friendly staff. Chill vibe. I’ll definitely be back.

    - Excellent coffee and excellent service. Will be back again!

    Paseo Ensenada 1021, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 13. Libelle Coffee Co. Café

    Avenida del Agua 40, Costa, Tijuana
  • 14. Ukulele Cafe Café

    - One of my dearest friends works there and she invited me for a coffee. Honestly I had zero expectations to that place. One I got there i felt all the good vibs from the beach and brought me back memories of when i was a teenager, i wish i knew that place before. Coffee is good tho. I recomend Ukulele cafe hang louse.

    - Its very clean and also very spacious

    - Rico

    Avenida del Pacífico 401, Playas de Tijuana, seccion Monumental, Tijuana
  • 15. Starbucks Café

    - My wife loves her coffee frappuccino and strawberry cream and tarts. I loved my ice and the croissant. Nice courteous good looking staff. Clean environment. Welcoming cozy spot.

    - Hahaha cool place to chill for a few hours if your really bored

    - There is a very big difference between American Starbucks and Mexican and I don't know why there has to be its like they never had training there the coffe is cold its barely warm and that is to bad that mexico can't experience the coffe properly

    Calle Pedregal 1302, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 16. Origen 40 Café Café

    - Delicioso lugar para degustar un sabroso cafe..... Completamente tranquilo, los que atienden son buena onda.👍

    - Muy buen manejo de desinfección y limpieza por lo del COVID, la atención ni se diga y los tés y café que me tome muy rico, me hubiera encantado quedarme ahí pero por cuestiones de itinerario solo fue para llevar.

    - Very good coffee

    Calle Pedregal 1021, Tijuana
  • 17. Cafe Ben - Tostador de Cafe Café

    - Best iced coffee in playas Tijuana wakes you right up!!! And he uses really cool and humble

    - Great coffee, I know people will enjoy the great coffee this place has to offer.

    - Great coffee and even better people!

    Parque Baja California Sur 688, Playas, Tijuana
  • 18. Walm Café

    Playas De, Tijuana
  • 19. Café Aquamarino Café

    - This place is beautiful, right on the beach, delicious & diverse food options, as well as coffee, they even sell their own local coffee. There was an English speaking attendant who was so nice.

    - Delicious 😋 the food the view, my husband really liked the veggie omelet black beans and chip potatoes. Super Recomendado!!!!

    - This place is only two blocks from where I live. It's awesome. The people who work there are friendly and lots of American English speaking patrons which makes me feel a little more at home. Way better than than Starbucks and the prices are about half the cost

    Paseo Costero 1342, Costa, Tijuana
  • 20. Argana Hookah Lounge Café

    - The food here is fine. Occasionally I come by. However, I had an experience there on Saturday December 5, 2020 that left a bad taste in my mouth. I ordered a pizza. I went to a different counter to pay. I choose to pay with my VISA card. Immediately my card was charged, but they could not or would not print a receipt for me. They said they needed to try again. Everytime my card is used, I receive a notification. I showed them my Bank of America phone app that showed them that I was charged. I refused to give them my card again. The following morning, I noticed I was charged 8.57 dollars again for the pizza. I recognize a scam when I see one.

    - I will not be ordering pizza here again. Pizza was not cooked. Very scarce ingredients, cracker thin crust, which I didn't even ask for thin. Never again! Smh!

    - Sevice

    Paseo Playas de Tijuana 2405, Jardines del Sol, Tijuana

Playas de Tijuana, conocido como Playami, además de contar con opciones de comida se cuenta con la playa, la cual siempre es buena para una caminata, especialmente durante el atardecer. Si buscas de un ambiente relajado y precios razonables, Playas es la opción.

Qué cafés hay en Playas de Tijuana? El mejor café de Tijuana se hace en Playas de Tijuana.