Bares en Playas de Tijuana

  • 1. Tepoztecatl Bar

    - Good concept!

    Paseo Ensenada 1443, Playas, Tijuana
  • 2. La Barrilera Playas Bar

    - I was here on 7/28/19 with a couple hours to burn before the movie I was going to see started. The service was slow, but the server was good, I think he was all by himself and had many tables to service. The food was good but my stomach is upset this morning. I don't know if it was from what I ate here or somewhere else. I wouldn't go out of my way to come back, but if I was in the area already for something else I would consider it.

    - Good spot to chill and have a beer

    - Great food, need better service

    Paseo Estrella del Mar 1024, Playas Coronado, Tijuana
  • 3. Matt Bar Bar

    - A very nice bar to have a beer after work or meet up with friends. Jackie the bar tender is professional and courteous. Excellent selection of local and international craft beers and a decent liquor selection. I highly recommend Matt Bar.

    - Cool place where you funny have to scream over the music to have a conversation.

    - Quiet hole in the wall bar. Nothing special about this place.

    Paseo Playas de Tijuana 1371, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 4. ATIZA Bar

    - Good burgers! Haven't tried their pizzas yet, looking forward to it. Ribs are dry and lacking in bbq infused flavor.

    - Best burger! Great service, and location!

    - Excellent service , food & drinks . Its a place were you can enjoy with anyone . I love it.

    Paseo Ensenada 1821, Jardines del Sol, Tijuana

    - Everything here is good no matter what you order. Great customer service

    - Excellent food and service

    - Looks lonely from the outside But once you walk in the 70’s 80’s decor gives you a warm, welcoming feeling. Once seated the waiter was amazing, very friendly and prompt Ordered and food perfect!!! Portions right on and very clean We had the chilaquiles which where probably the best I’ve had. Crispy and very flavorful Would highly recommend The staff is very profesional

    Paseo Playas de Tijuana 1390, Playas, de Tijuana, Del. Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 6. Border Psycho Playami Bar

    - Great place to eat great food, 4 stars cause of the rude employee

    - Big selection. Great beer

    - Rustico but with many choices of beers and food, several waiters serving well, just that the place is open in some areas making it difficult in winter

    Paseo Ensenada 795, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 7. Mezcaleria SAVI Bar

    Paseo Costero 780A, Monumental, Tijuana
  • 8. Litro House Bar

    - Excellent new normal measures, very good customer service, quality food with good waiting times; highly recommended.

    Paseo playas #650 sección, Monumental
  • 9. Zebra Bar

    - Cool bar to hang out at. Drinks are reasonable and you can watch the ocean while you relax

    - Great place to chill by the beach and have some craft beers

    - Pretty great, good beer selection, and good snacks.

    Paseo Costero 1090-1026, Costa, Tijuana
  • 10. Why Not Bar Bar

    - Nice place to just relax and have a few drinks. The people are friendly and make you feel welcomed. Definitely will be going there again

    - I went to the bar to drink some beer with friends and went straight to the bathroom i had too pee so bad. But because i did not order drinks before i used the bathroom but the owner caused a confrontation that end in me peeing on the street. I was disappointed in the the owners actions and wrote him off as a racist. Do not go to this bar they have no respect for white people. Or people who need to pee.

    - Good 👍🏻👍🏻

    Paseo Playas de Tijuana 2685, Costa de Oro, Tijuana
  • 11. Playami Bar

    - Cool local beer tap room. Food is good for bar food.

    - Great drinks! Great attention! Love the coffee drinks, very well prepared.

    - Tacos where very good thanks . Be back soon😋

    Av, Paseo Ensenada 795, Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 12. Arco Iris Taberna Bar

    Avenida Del Pacifico 395, Playas Coronado, Tijuana
  • 13. Tattoo Bar Playas Bar

    - great to have beer .n tatoo

    - Good music, cheap beer, great view!

    - Excelent rock music in Spanish there is no cheap chela zone. Casual or demanding come relaxed spend great

    Paseo Costero 780-A Malecon,, Sección Monumental, Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana
  • 14. Fiesta Sports Bar Bar

    - They told me essentially that they don't allow individuals in to practice because they are in the same category with other undesirables. Probably a good rule but I'm not homeless or a criminal or anything and it makes me feel pretty bad that I can't practice pool in Playas. So I go to Pockets which is much nicer but far away.

    - Very great bar .dance drink n be happy play pool tables.n more bands old school music 70 n 80

    - lots of pool tables. n bar n music need remodel.lot off TV for games

    Avenida Del Pacifico 620, Monumental, Tijuana
  • 15. Porters Sport Bar Bar

    - Its alright if they'res literally no where else to go , the staff is rude and not attentive at all, we waited an hour for one order of fries and we constantly had to keep fishing for the waiter

    - Great beer and food

    - Great place to go have a burger and a good drink

    Corales 359, Playas Coronado, Tijuana
  • 16. Chiltepinos Bar

    - Drinks and beer. Really good.

    - The vaso cubano Is good and their hot wings

    - The food and the service could be way better

    Plaza Coronado, Paseo Ensenada 502 Local 24 y 25, Playas de Tijuana Sección Coronado, Tijuana
  • 17. La Cerve del Mar Bar

    - Up date 11 16 20 morning lady mng no education say nothing not evan thank you 4 caming to custumers they are there to Suport you.we do not work 4 you. A thank you would be nice.welcome to olso. Up date 09 21 20 again this mujer with her problem wont leave hace there food n beer n peace What is wrong with her i have never seen a women act like this She need to go everyone they do what they want. Post my picture of la cervie restaurant well up date 11 16 20 .....well i have lost my respect 4 this place mng are fake .they dont help you when they over charge you only when they want free food from custermers .i give up .no more la cervie 4 me n my freands..

    - This place two many complain over charge custermers 11 18 20 when you drink .same food nothing deferent

    - Food was great! Fresh seafood. Alcoholic drinks were really good. Very nice selection. Right on the beach. Beautiful view. Price was very reasonable. No real complaints. Definitely will be coming back!

    Avenida Del Pacifico 459, Costa, Tijuana
  • 18. Hsk Crew Bar

    - It's ok

    - Pure good bibra

    - Not so good

    Clemente Orozco, Lazaro Cardenas, Tijuana
  • 19. La Cerve Del Mar Bar

    - Cold beer, great view, good food. Walking distance to Oasis of Hope. Great place to relax.

    - Cool place would have like better music

    - 10 27 20 out date 2 new DJ great music nex to el barco n playas tj food 2 for 1 tacos tostadas special n more tuesday n mondas

    Avenida Del Pacifico 800, Monumental, Tijuana

Playas de Tijuana, conocido como Playami, además de contar con opciones de comida se cuenta con la playa, la cual siempre es buena para una caminata, especialmente durante el atardecer. Si buscas de un ambiente relajado y precios razonables, Playas es la opción.

Qué bares hay en Playas de Tijuana? Los mejores bares de Tijuana están en Playas de Tijuana.